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Company Introduction

Name: Sports Hig (Ltd.)
Chairman: Kozo Higuchi
Director: Ikuko Higuchi
Address: 241-30, Sanso-cho, Izumi City, Osaka, Japan 594-0021
Tel. 0725-38-6171
Fax. 0725-38-6172
Capital: \3 million
Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Izumi Branch
Lines of business:
  • Manufacture and sales of sporting goods

    • *Design, manufacture and sales of competition swimwear
    • *Design and manufacture of custom swimwear and products for swimming and sports clubs
    • *Design and manufacture of made-to-order swimwear and leotards
    • *Design, manufacture and sales of poolside wear for competitions
    • *Swimming accessories (towels, caps, goggles, etc.)
  • Athlete management
Primary customers Sporting goods wholesalers, swimming goods retailers, swimming clubs, fitness clubs


Chairman: Kozo Higuchi

Chairman: Kozo Higuchi

Graduated Doshisha University, Feb. 2004; established Sports Higu, Ltd.

  • ・Montreal Olympics (1976) 100 m freestyle competitor
  • ・Dominated 1976 Japan Student Championships, winning 100 m and 200 m freestyle
  • ・Established new Japan record for 200 m freestyle in Japan Championship (1976)
  • ・Won 100 m freestyle in Japan Championship (1977)
  • ・Currently head swimming coach, Doshisha University

Director: Ikuko Higuchi

Director: Ikuko Higuchi

Graduated Tenri University

  • 1981-Won Japan Synchronized Swimming Championship in solo, duet, and team
  • 1982-4th World Swimming Championship (Ecuador): Bronze medals in duet and team
  • 1996-Began and continues producing swimsuits for Imura Synchro Club
  • 2002-Designed/produced synchro duet swimsuits for Japan team at World Cup
  • 2003-Designed/produced synchro solo/duet technical swimsuits for World Swimming Championship (Barcelona)
  • 2004-present-Produces Sports Hig original swimwear

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